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But, it is quite possible (and absolutely normal) you will feel a minor connection with someone else down the road.When I say, “flirting” with others, I don’t mean picking up a bunch of people and getting their phone numbers.Here's why: The idea of being in a relationship is often associated with the notion of being “trapped." As soon as the initial euphoric stage in a relationship ends, partners start to feel trapped.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you must stop having fun.

Remember how enjoyable and exciting it was when you first met your partner? Those honeymoon stage feelings don’t last with long-term partners; they soon fade away to start along another kind of route.

Flirting with other people while in a relationship is a personal decision.

If you don't feel the need to flirt, that means you're completely content and settled.

If you can’t hold on to your independence in a relationship, don’t settle down in any kind of commitment.

Sometimes, flirting with other people will make you appreciate your current partner more.

Why not act on those feelings with someone new for a few moments?

You don't forget your partner is the one you come back home to.

The first thought that probably popped into their minds was, "But, I'm in a relationship — I shouldn't flirt."Relationships, however, never come with a signed contract that states we must be stripped of all of our sexual traits.

As human beings, our sexuality exists whether we're single or in a relationship.

Some people already know their partner's worth, but the majority of people forget why they were involved in their relationship in the first place.

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