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General performance could also be an issue, especially when most efficient codecs were closed source.Generally speaking, the technology was not ready yet but Ekiga was already kicking!

As a SIP softphone, it can completely replace hardware SIP IP phones and many people are using it as such.

With the upcoming 5.0 release, we were very ambitious.

The GNU/Linux desktop was at its infancy, and let's not speak about multimedia capabilities.

Most webcam drivers were buggy, ALSA had not been released yet and full-duplex audio was something difficult to achieve.

Ekiga sources and Windows binaries are available at: Required librairies can be found at: We are proud to announce the upcoming release of Ekiga 4.0!

The code has already been frozen and we are working on the last details for the best user experience ever! This is the beta release of the upcoming 4.0.0 version of Ekiga.

Few people know that alternatives exist, and even less people know that using standard tools allows doing voice over IP, videoconferencing but also IP Telephony.

The purpose of Ekiga has always been to be a mix between a simple chat application and a professional IP Telephony tool for the GNU/Linux destop.

It is a bug-fixing release since the previous unstable release (1 month ago).

It is not yet a replacement of the last stable release (3.2.7), but should be used by people having problems with the stable release and by people who want to help ekiga.

Ekiga was first released back in 2001 under the Gnome Meeting name, as a graduation thesis.

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