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It is not intended as a depiction of the actual behavior of any real people. I don’t mind if someone copies or reposts this story, as long it is copied or reposted in its entirety, including the rating and disclaimer. Barbara’s Blue Movie By Di Giovanni Email: [email protected] story took place back in the seventies.

Barbara Eden was in her thirties, and was physically in the prime of her life, but things weren’t going as well as they could be.

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He listed the numerous safeguards that would be stipulated in the contract, and assured her that there would be no possible way for the press or the public to ever learn about it.

He also assured her that it would be up to her alone to decide who would appear in the movie with her.

Her agent was aware of all this, and figured this was a good time to bring up a proposal he had been sitting on.

The local branch of a national lodge had decided to produce a porn movie.

She had just finished a made-for-TV movie, but her career was slowing down.

She needed something to occupy her time; something to keep her busier.

The next day when her agent called, Barbara told him which boys she liked, but was still noncommital about doing the project.

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