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After, he took more drugs and used Grindr again, making contact with a 'boy' with the pseudonym Liam.

'There’s no evidence in this case to suggest his care of patients was in any way substandard.'He was working as a good and useful junior doctor.

He is on a path of remediation and that’s a path he will be on for some time.

A junior NHS doctor tried to incite a 13-year-old to have sex through the gay dating app Grindr after attending a drug-fuelled sex party when he finished his night shift at a psychiatric unit, a tribunal heard today.

Thomas Jenkins, 28, sent obscene pictures of himself over a two-day period, asking him how he lost his virginity and 'how do you like to be f*****?

'It was sexual activity, in particular penetrative sexual activity.

That is, in terms of the public perception, particularly deplorable conduct when committed particularly by a doctor whom the public trust imposes.'This behaviour began on one day and continued on the second.

Attending with his mother, he faced being struck off at a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service misconduct hearing today.

Jenkins began asking 'Liam' questions about his sex life and urged him to have sex without protection in a conversation that ended when the 'boy' told him he was going to eat his tea, the tribunal heard.

'The GMC say it’s so serious erasure can be the only possible sanction.

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