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Your success depends on engagement, which is combination of efficient IU and actual results. So, look for minimalistic templates that are recent, well-supported and load fast. Some guys work hard, iterate for years, endure anger of dissatisfied clients, employ real developers, feel guilty for emails backlog... And then there're slap-on hacks that publish a month-worth of mediocre coding as a real product, on some oh-so-SE0-friendly domain, without any real credentials, documentation or support. The script works and general approach is simple an straightforward, albeit a bit archaic (in Internet terms, we are talking 5 years or so behind).Updates are regular and pushed simultaneously to both Datingscript and Socialscript. Yet another Russian guy, although the site says Canada. Besides Vlad it's hard to track anyone else doing anything on those sites. There's no Market of extensions or active community support. I can see how this product can be useful if you're creating a "pretend" site.

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Still, the script works and has been around for years. For example, if you want to sell a useless domain on Flippa for a grand, you could just buy this script, install and sell the domain as a REAL DATING SITE. Hm, maybe if you're on tight budget and existing functionality is all you need, and you have some fix-it-yourself skills, and it's a It's Able Dating rebadged.

In mid 2000 someone got really pissed off with Able Dating guys (also Russian, by the way) and littered entire Internet with bad "reviews".

Hereunder, I have compiled a list showcasing 5 Best Online Dating Software that can help you in building an awesome dating website.

Dating websites have become widely popular these days with audiences from across the globe.

So, Able Dating changed colors and called itself a Chameleon. All those " Chameleon wants you to believe that rainbow templates and 3d-chat plugin would make your site awesome, all for under $300.

Look closer and you'd see that base functionality is dated and rigid. Anyway, the guys are real (they even have a real office with real cubicles).

There is "dating network" option for connecting a shared database, there are various discounts for Marketplace plugins, separate pricing for mobile sites (or is it for apps? Ska Date pricing sits at a more digestible 9 for the platform itself, but mobile apps add a hefty extra 0. Sounds like you could just download Ox Wall, buy a template, use hosting auto-installer, pay for branding removal and save yourself about 0, no? Works for attracting webmasters, but doesn't make much difference for site success. It's a Freelancer order that wasn't accepted by client and was repackaged for a quick buck grab, obviously.

), developer licenses, separate site for custom services, etc, etc. So, I'd suggest skipping all the mumbo-jumbo and talking to their sales rep directly. Again, perhaps it's best to chat with sales rep, ask for the most cost effective "package" and make an offer. End-users aren't impressed with fancy design (not after the first 4 seconds, anyway). Dating Scripts, vld Personals, Socialscript are all doorway sites of one company - vld Interactive.

So, wanna-be dating site operators are a dying breed and there's less and less activity on supply side either.

People just don't have that " is the new darling term. Ah, yes, there's definitely still opportunity, money to make and ideas to explore in the world of "virtual dating". If you want to build a large database and sell your business - go for independent.

Then think about how YOU could make them work for your idea. These Russian guys from Yoshkar-Ola have been around for as long as I can remember.


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