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That wasn't real either.) Other songs describe the disappointment the singers find after getting to California when they discover that it's no better than where they came from.

And some just use the name of the state or a city in the state because it's a good rhyme.

It's all good, and they're all here on the list when I discover them. Let me know if there is something not here that should be.

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By December, the heat and dryness had not relented. Howling winds from the longest burst of fire fanning winds ever seen for California fed into a new fire.

A fire that is now within 500 acres of becoming the largest fire ever to burn in California history.

Instead of trying to browse the whole list here, it will be easier to go to one of the shorter lists linked to above then click on the link under "Artist" which will take you to the song where it is listed on this page.) California is the subject of some of these songs, but many of them simply refer to either a place in the state, such as a city or a highway, or to the weather, a "California Girl," an attitude or lifestyle that the state embodies for the singer, or something else about the state. Many of them describe a journey to or a longing to return to a paradise by the sea with constant sun, abundant new opportunities, and where everyone is eternally rich, healthy, young, and beautiful - basically a mythical place that bears no resemblance to the real Golden State now or ever.

(The Spanish named the territory after a mythical island paradise they were searching for that was supposed to be full of gold and inhabited by black women ruled by a queen named Califa.

These floods inflicted more than 1.5 billion in damages. What we didn’t count on was the oven-like heat that followed.

Nor the simple fact that resiliency, no matter how strong at first, is not limitless.

Particularly extreme swings between cooler wet and record hot dry as the water cycle is thrown through the atmospheric equivalent of a hyperloop.

And the level of extremity California experienced from winter to summer ran a six month race from wettest to hottest.

Environmentally speaking, heat is the primary factor in fire hazard so long as fuels are present.

Drought is also a factor, though a somewhat less certain one because eventually most fuels are consumed if drought sets in for long enough.

For following the early year deluge, 2017 rapidly rocketed into the hottest summer in California history.


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