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During the band's live performance at Woodstock 1999, violence erupted during the album's song "Break Stuff".

Fans flocked to Twitter to ponder the uniqueness of the singer.

One said: “Melody makes Bear look normal #Celebs Go Dating”, and another added: “This Melody one is weird 😲😲#Celebs Go Dating” Others loved the effect she had on the rest of the cast: “Watching @edenblackman listen to @Melody Thornton tell her dream at the gynecologist...

He's a producer who fools with sound and sonically makes everything perfect.

He gets sounds that translate really well on tape and pretty much completely captures what we do, perfectly." The band allowed Durst and DJ Lethal to explore their hip hop influences by recording with Method Man.

Durst stated during the concert, "People are getting hurt.

MELODY Thornton made her Celebs Go Dating debut on Monday night and immediately shocked viewers with her candid confessions, leading some to suggest that she makes Stephen Bear look normal.Significant Other was co-produced by Terry Date and Limp Bizkit.The album has sold at least 16 million copies worldwide.Significant Other is the second album by American rap rock band Limp Bizkit.Released in 1999 by Flip/Interscope Records, the album saw the band expanding its sound from that of its debut album Three Dollar Bill, Yall, to incorporate further metal and hip hop influences.“I am usually a very reserved person and don’t like disclosing much information about my personal issues.

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