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Preparations might begin with purchase of coral or gold necklaces, gold earrings, gold bracelets, and silver milk bucket holders decorated with coral.

Front Cover: A woman demonstrates the use of a sling in Rtse khog County, Rma lho (Huangnan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Mtsho ngon (Qinghai) Province, China (photograph by Sha bo sgrol ma, August 2011). Though Makley (2007) briefly mentions the hair changing ritual of Bla brang, few details are provided.

BACK COVER: A woman's hair decoration known as xu pa in the Wutun language, in Rgya tshang ma Village, Rong bo Town, Reb gong (Tongren) County, Rma lho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Mtsho ngon Province, China is worn by women at their coming-of-age ceremony (skra phab), at her wedding, and during the annual Klu rol festival during a danced performance by women to delight the deity, Btsan rgod (photograph by Tshe ring skyid, 14 July 2011). Guoluo niiwang buluo koushushi -niiwang buluo houdai duoji zhuoma fangtanlu ^.^-Jci-sp i$- v OLk. [Oral History of the Golok Queen Tribe-An Interview With Duojizhuoma, Descendant of the Golok Queen Tribe] in Yang Enhong. Sa mtsho skyid and Roche (2011) briefly discuss hair changing, which they call Skra phab 'Hair Taming' in Phug sde Village (Bla brang Township, Bla 1 The first author thanks the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia for sponsoring his graduate study at Silliman University, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, the Republic of the Philippines that included a thesis that forms the basis of this paper.

Designs receiving the most appreciation are usually adopted or improved by parents who subsequently celebrate hair changing for their daughters.

A family of ordinary wealth spent at least 5,000 RMB for gold 337 A Tibetan Female Rite of Passage earrings, 3,000 RMB for gold finger rings, and at least 6,000 RMB for a coral necklace in 2009. Once acquired, ornaments are kept in a safe place at home until the day before the celebration.

Tang (2002) also writes that the ceremony confers adult social status on girls.

Nam mkha' (2002) reports on hair changing rituals in the past, held for girls who were thirteen years old in Bya khog Village, Kos nan County, Mtsho lho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province.Clothes After preparing the ornaments, parents concentrate on choosing acceptable robes, shirts, hats, shoes, and ritual hair to be used by their daughter during the ritual. However, she should always discuss and seek approval 2 Hair ornaments show local variation.During autumn and early winter, new fashionable clothing appears on the market, including Tibetan robes used only during such special occasions as the New Year. The hair ornaments worn in Mtha' ba Village are locally referred to as Li thang ornaments.Asian Highlands Perspectives 21 Asian Highlands Perspectives Volume 21 2012 E-MAIL: [email protected] COPY: com/asianhp ONLINE: ISSN (print): 1835-7741 ISSN (electronic): 1925-6329 Library of Congress Control Number: 2008944256 Call number: DS1. Ma Bufangjiazu de xingshuai % #^ it /TZie tfz'se and Fa ZZ 0/ tne Ma Bufang Family]. He notes that hair dressers in the past were only married women carefully selected for their beauty, undamaged teeth, good eyesight, and so on.A4739 Subjects: Uplands-Asia-Periodicals Tibet, Plateau of-Periodicals All work contained herein is subject to a Creative Commons, Attribution-Non Commercial 3.0 Unported License. Zhongguo xibei shaoshu minzu shi f' SI & 4b it & it j£ [History of the National Minorities of Northwest China]. Ji| : Ningxia renmin chubanshe f XARA^i [Ningxia People's Press]. The girl's hair changing ceremony, Tang notes, announced that she was old enough to care for a family, ready to accept boys coming to propose, and ready to marry.There is also some degree of competition in jewelry design.


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