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Patients can refer to exercise guidelines and check how well their lungs have recovered through the app.

Go Breath even offers a web and cloud service for doctors to help them monitor their patients’ recovery progress as well as provide reminders to practice” Samsung CLab to reveal creative new projects at CES 2018 m Health Insights Apple completely ignores the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas but it never fails to bring out the very worst in Healthcare concepts from the world’s biggest mobile brand (remember the Samsung Welt Belt from previous years? Still the concepts the world’s biggest mobile brand (they are set to ship 320 million smartphones & 40 million feature phones in 2018) are backing for 2017 look particularly bad.

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Note: I think it’s important to avoid use the term “Virtual” when referring to remote medical advice.

Kaiser probably provided 240,000 video consults last year and that’s a more useful statistic to use than “52 million virtual encounters” because presumably some of these encounters could be millions of virtual things like programmed automated SMS’s reminding Patients of appointments, asking for BP readings etc, etc I think this might be error carried forward from the inappropriate use of the term ‘virtual’.

But a system focused on high-quality nonvisit care would work better for many others — and quite possibly for physicians as well.

Virtually all physicians already use non visit interactions to some extent, but their improvised approaches could be vastly improved if health systems were designed with such care as the explicit goal”“Progress in this direction is already under way.

At Kaiser Permanente, for example, 52% of the more than 100 million patient encounters each year are now “virtual visits.”1 The organization has been able to innovate in this area in part because it spends about 25% of its annual $3.8 billion capital budget on information technology.

Nevertheless, these virtual visits only scratch the surface of what’s possible with today’s technology” In 2012 Kaiser Permanente was the first major healthcare provider organisation to take a Mobile First approach and it’s great to see it paying off.

Once again the copy being used seems to have been created by pasting some Korean text into Google Translate and I feel it looks set to humiliate the visionary new CEO DJ Koh in front of the worlds media especially as there are statements in the intro video (like “) that are going to come across as rather condescending to anyone who has even a basic understanding of the respiratory system (eg.

the medics that the media will ask about this new product before they publish their reports on it).

However, deep breathing becomes challenging for patients who have undergone surgery due to lung pain.


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