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La Collezione Mare Tezenis Estate ti aspetta: Bikini a Fascia, Bikini a Triangolo, Bikini Push-Up, Bikini Balconcino, Costumi Interi.Trova il modello giusto per esaltare la tua femminilità!Sure, I miss my family and my close friends, but I’m doing what I love and it’s easy to be on tour, everything is routine.” The pop star rubs the sleep out of her eyes and steps out on the concrete to the glee of the teenage fans waiting for her.

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For Zara it’s still just the beginning, and she’s very vocal about her musical goals and ambitions.

“I have the world’s best dancers with me and I love to hang out with them, so I never feel alone here.

Indossa un tocco trendy e alla moda, al mare e in piscina!

The blinds are down on the silver-coloured tour bus that's parked right by the entrance of Washington, D. It’s a legendary venue that has hosted some of the world’s biggest bands and artists – from Nirvana to Adele and Justin Timberlake – in the 35 years since opening.

Se preferisci invece i costumi a tinta unita, dai un’occhiata ai nostri ai nostri modelli, non sarai affatto banale!

Lasciati conquistare dalla novità della fascia arricciata punto smock, dal triangolo imbottito e non, dai push-up e dai top a fascia e a monospalla con rouches e volant.

"It’s pretty surreal,” she comments once inside the venue.

“It's only been a few years since I was waiting outside concerts to see my idols, and now people like me in the same way as I like other bands and artists," she says while holding her phone that’s covered in pictures of Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and, of course, Beyoncé.

"I don't get any sleep on this bus," she says while lying down on a brown leather sofa: “But I’m good at taking power naps!

” She’s been on the road for a bit over a month, travelling the continent together with her all-girl crew.

Then their conversation moves on to high school, which Zara is graduating from this summer.

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