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Anyone who has lived in New York City (yours truly included) can attest to just how expensive it is to live in these cities.Therefore, Asian Americans may earn more but they also have to spend more to survive.The results above show that Asian Americans still trail Whites on this very important measure.

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In fact, research shows that within these metropolitan areas, Asian American incomes still trail that of Whites.

Another telling statistic is how much more money a person earns with each additional year of schooling completed, or what sociologists call "returns on education." One of the first in-depth studies that looked at per capita income between Asian Americans and other racial/ethnic groups came from Robert Jiobu and is cited in by Sucheng Chan.

As another example, in California, almost 40% of all Vietnamese refugees are on public assistance and in Minnesota and Wisconsin, an equal number of Cambodians, Hmong, and Laotians also receive public assistance. But for various reasons (i.e., not being fluent in English), many are not able to get decent jobs that pay well.

Another example is that of many Korean immigrants who come to the U. Therefore, they are forced to to work as janitors, waiters, busboys, or go into business for themselves to survive.

The results show that as a whole Asian American families have higher median incomes than White families.

However, this is because in most cases, the typical Asian American family tends to have more members who are working than the typical White family.

Asian Americans seem to have done so well that magazines such as proclaim us to be the "model minority." They point to statistics like this and say how well Asian Americans are doing in society and that we've overcome past instances of prejudice and discrimination without resorting to political or violent confrontations with Whites.

Further, our success should serve as an example for other racial/ethnic minority groups to follow in their own quest to overcome barriers in their way to achieving the American dream.

Many people go even further and argue that since Asian Americans are doing so well, we no longer experience any discrimination and that Asian Americans no longer need public services such as bilingual education, government documents in multiple languages, and welfare.

Further, using the first stereotype of Asian Americans, many just assume that all Asian Americans are successful and that none of us are struggling.

For every Chinese American or South Asian who has a college degree, the same number of Southeast Asians are still struggling to adapt to their lives in the U. For example, as shown in the tables in the Socioeconomic Statistics & Demographics article, Vietnamese Americans only have a college degree attainment rate of 20%, less than half the rate for other Asian American ethnic groups.

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