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Afterward, Alec has another first that he shares with Magnus: the strange and tentative transition from being not together to back together. When Alec and Isabelle witnessed the brutal extermination of their kind, they try to move on from the fact that their soul mates were probably among the dead. Alec has been given the task of choosing a husband for his sister after she goes through a bad break-up and decides she wants to accept her parents' offer of an arranged marriage, only he ends up falling for him instead.(AU of a Bollywood film) Fanfiction AU Malec - Traduzione di Power Play I di Blueberry Monarch (vedi link sotto) La famiglia Lightwood è un'organizzazione criminale che opera in diverse città.

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Additionally, some states protect hijras through housing programmes, welfare benefits, pension schemes, free surgeries in government hospitals and others programmes designed to assist them.

There are approximately 4.8 million hijras in India.

"Same as it was the day before, honey, the Clave breathing down my neck and Clary and Jace being pains, but it's better now that I'm here with you, you make everything better," Alec tells him, brushing his nose against Magnus'. (or the one where Alec and Magnus' day is tough but it only gets better when they are with each other.) Max has turned 18, he has already been through a lot (See previous work titled "The Boys") and is navigating his way through life with many challenges to face, he does what he can, the only way he knows how.

It takes months for Valentine to find the Mirror, and longer still to defeat him.

Nonetheless, most LGBT people in India remain in the closet, in fear of discrimination from families, who see homosexuality as shameful.

The British Raj criminalised sexual activities "against the order of nature", arguably including homosexual sexual activities, under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which entered into force in 1861.

Same-sex marriages are not legally recognised in India nor are same-sex couples offered limited rights such as a civil union or a domestic partnership.

In 2011, a court granted legal recognition to a same-sex marriage, involving two women.

Their destiny might have died at the hands of evil men but their lives did not and so they carry on. Magnus owns a rehabilitation centre for abused downworlders, giving them a place to heal and recover before going back out into the world. Magnus lavora per conto suo nello spaccio di sostanze illegali e odia i Lightwood con tutto se stesso.

E gli viene fornita l'occasione di vendicarsi nel momento in cui Alec arriva in città.

On 15 April 2014, the Supreme Court of India declared transgender people as a socially and economically backward class entitled to reservations in education and jobs, and also directed union and state governments to frame welfare schemes for them.


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