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But then I gave birth to my second baby and hit 36 at about the same time.These two events had a seismic effect on my body - at least from where I was looking, which was down, in the bath. I noticed that the skin over my stomach had been replaced with old crepe paper and that, post-breast-feeding, my bust had vanished.

"I have to find a way to reinvent myself as a sexual being - which is hard since I'm now beginning to get pre-menopausal symptoms." But it's not all bad news. Once you are comfortable in your (baggy) skin it can be much easier, if less glamorous, than sex when you were your younger, more uptight self.

Dr Patricia Koch's study suggests that, when they can bring themselves to get down to it, women over 35 find sex more satisfying than their younger selves did. There's also the truth that a supportive partner can hold your hand through this wobbly period.

"It was totally down to how good I felt about myself. As a result, my libido is subzero." The new, authoritative study published in the interviewing women between the ages of 35 and 55, found that the less attractive a woman thinks she is, the more likely she is to suffer a loss of desire and sexual activity as she gets older.

In the past, many experts assumed that the hormonal changes associated with the approach of menopause play the biggest part in many women's declining libido - and an awful lot of 'Viagra for women'-type remedies were sold as a result.

At 27 we shared most things after a couple of glasses of wine, but at 37 - and, I presume, beyond - detail is seen as either distasteful or showing off.

Maybe sex as you age, like fashion, is all about knowing what to cover up: you become a bit more aware of preserving your dignity.

It's not that sex was suddenly bad - I've been in a happy relationship for nearly 20 years and we've got what writer Nora Ephron called the "doing part" sorted.

My husband has no libido issues with my post-babies, post-35 body - at least he says he hasn't, and all the available evidence backs him up.

He says he can see no difference between me now and me at 22.

He's deluded but I believe he's sincere, so if I could stop listening to me and start listening to him, it would do us both no end of good.

"Now that I'm older, wobblier and have had two caesareans, I don't feel so confident.

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