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The close-up is a bit too clinical for my personal taste.

The effect was more appealing from a distance of four to eight feet.

And, as importantly, dastardly and dangerous villains. The original filming was sufficiently suggestive of the force employed and the amount of injury done.

GIMP went mainstream in France in 1954 when Pauline Réage published Histoire d’O, the story of a young fashion photographer who turned to a life of sexual degradation for the sake of her lover. In 1975 it became a mainstream movie, filmed in France of course, but which received world-wide distribution.

I saw it in a first-run theater, complete with nudity and whipping, when it came out in this country in 1976 -- such were the 1970s.

He falls in love with her and wants to rescue her from this life.

Instead of saying no, O arranges for him to meet her at Sir Stephen’s apartments.

Once inside the chateau, she is washed and groomed by several young women for her introduction to a secret club that will train her to be constantly available sexually to its members, even in the course of her daily life after she leaves the chateau.

Once presented, she is blindfolded again and rudely and quickly penetrated in all three openings.

The blindfold is removed and the club’s rules are explained to her, after which she is tied to a post and severely whipped.

There follows several weeks of strict regulation, sexual servitude, and whippings.

@ TRG re "The Story of O" -- I saw the film at a theater during its original run, and while it certainly could have been more graphic, all the ancillary arts of film-making -- sets, costumes,make-up, cinematography -- not to mention acting, were miles above most BDSM films. I didn't find the novel particularly appealing, though, probably because it was told from the women's point of view (and why not? ) name mentioned any more, but some of the books by A de Granamour, whose works I came across in the late 1960's and 1970's, were far more appealing to my taste.


  1. ”, and perceives this as being put first (the one thing that women want to feel in a relationship).

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  3. At the center it was wait deep with the best part it had no wild life or snakes in it, due to the cool temperatures.

  4. As a full-length picture of her is revealed, we see she’s dressed in a top made out of similar pantyhose, the sheer fabric of the legs covering her hands and arms like sleeves and gloves but doing almost nothing to conceal her firm, medium-sized breasts.

  5. Unga koʻra Kolumbga 12 ming maravid (oʻsha paytlardagi ispan pul birligi) berishadi.

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