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Versatile and enlivening, pendant lighting illuminates your space and provides distinctive, unique style.Pendant lights are available in many shapes and sizes, as well as a wide range of styles from rustic pendants lights to sleek and modern.despite the fact that the timelessly stylish .380 is now built in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I reckon a right-side mag release is a necessity in a self-defense handgun, even for right-handed shooters.

Equipped with the smaller, six-round flush magazine, Walther’s sub-compact nine belongs in one of The Chive’s FLBP photo galleries. Unlike the GLOCK 43 or Ruger LCP (for example), you can’t carry the Walther PPS M2 in the front pocket of standard pants. The Walther PPQ’s front finger grooves work beautifully; it’s one of the most comfortable handguns to have and to hold from this day forth. Combined with the thin handle and shallow beavertail, the PPS’s finger slots guide me to grab the gun ever-so-slightly sideways, leading to the dreaded Ruger American Pistol thumb knuckle bruising issue.

The PPS may not have the world’s tallest bore axis, but it sure looks like it does. With a seven-round magazine gun on board it measures 4.91″ from top to bottom.

I fed it 500 rounds of 115-grain mixed target ammo and a of leftover hollow points.

The handgun was Oliver-like in its appetite for more.

On the positive side, the PPS M2’s big ass three-dot white sights make point shooting a breeze; minute-of-bad guy shots are a done deal at close-quarter combat distance. It’s easy to understand James Bond’s affinity for the PPK.

While the PPS M2 lacks the PPK’s style, it offers mega-comfortable concealability, steadfast reliability, a phenomenal trigger and 9mm affordability.

SPECIFICATIONS: Caliber: 9mm Barely Length: 3.2″ Trigger Pull: 6.1 lbs. Reliability: * * * * * All hits, no runs or errors. trigger, but the thin grip with finger grooves will not suit all shooters.

Capacity: 6/7 rounds Height: 4.4″ with six-round magazine, 4.91″ with seven-round magazine Width: 1″ Weight: 21.1 ounces Price: 9 MSRP RATINGS (out of five stars): Style * Blocky beyond belief. Ergonomics (carry): * * * * The PPS M2 is a scant 1″ wide, perfect for inside- or outside-the-waistband holsterage.

Ammo cost aside, the PPS M2 is less expensive than its predecessor (now called the “Classic”).

At 9 MSRP, the new PPS is priced to compete with all the usual 9mm sub-compact single stack polymer pistols [e.g., the GLOCK G43 above]. More than that, sub-compact seeking trigger snobs need apply. Overall: * * * The revised PPS (M2) is priced well, dead nuts reliable, plenty accurate, perfectly concealable and puts the mag release where it belongs.

As the target above indicates (10 yards slow-fire), initial accuracy was startlingly good (for me).


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