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It has large fruit clusters that are bigger than grenades. I am including here a type of epiphytic Bromeliad that has a vast distribution throughout the world.

It is a wispy flowering species that hangs on branches, phone lines or posts.

The second one has minimal fragrance with big white flowers with red centers.

Below you'll see our tropical plants with some some other interesting items. This is one we're hoping to have available this year. You'll likely find none of these at regular nurseries. is known for having the largest flower of any plant in the world. It responds to water, especially if not doing well. When in the garden, keep them under control and they can spread. People sometimes called these "Ti Plants" (Below - which are also a type of is unusual because of its size. Most can be used as houseplants and stay under ceiling height. This fern is very commonly seen as an epiphytic fern in trees in the above areas. Easy to grow and rare, fairly unusual appearing fern.

Included are: Tropical Trees, Some Species Tropical Smaller "Companion Plants" Epiphytic Plants of Interest Colorful Plants Succulents, Some Species that Mix Well in a Tropical Garden Plant Species that We Feel Merit Mentioning Here There are many similar plants that we're growing but that are not included here. Over time we'll try to update this page with new items as they come in. This hybrid has a scalloped leaf with wavy leaf edges. But, there's one from Brazil that has upright red flowers. Of course, we're working on the other types as well. (see photo below) All have different stems/foliage and flowers. If you are in a frost free area, these are fun to try. You can maintain height through pruning and also grow it in nice pot. We are not too fond of them but feel obligated to mention them here because so many people think "they have to have one". Without good care and pruning, they get very scrappy looking. Many nurserymen consider them to be "Junk Plants" This plant is nothing like the Giant Bird of Paradise. But, in the garden many just do fine if you don't freeze. Over maybe five to ten years you can get a huge specimen. Availability variable as it's hard to find these ferns.

Secondly, it gives photographs of plants we carry at Jungle Music along with cultural information, present availability and prices Many types of tropical and other plants are introduced below. Assume they want filtered light unless you know otherwise. Others have very peculiar, different and yet attractive foliate. And, it flowers all year long - even during the Holidays! It's really spectacular, especially given the volume of blossoms for the plants overall size. We have super limited supplies of this and our sources are running out of this species. But, I'd say they are difficult to grow in the garden because of cold issues. The ones we've tried, as a group, have been difficult. Mine produced coffee fruit for years and was in part day sun in San Diego. This fern is amazing because of it's ability to take full coastal sun and still look good. We planted several outside the nursery parking area and they are doing great with one watering a week.

I've included ample plant photographs with cultural highlights and pictures of nursery plants available with prices. This dwarf succulent is best known for it's almost black leaves. Over time plants will have forking trunks with tons of leaves. Multiple trunks this plant for lots of color when blossoms. This group of plants is one of our favorites and customers just can't get enough of them. look a bit scrappy in winter and then emerge in summer absolutely beautiful as shown here. Leaves are a glossy green and these plants make a wonderful houseplant. They vary in terms of leaf color and design, leaf size and shape and overall height. Their availability is sporadic so best to contact us if you are interested in these plants. They have an assortment of blossom colors including pink and red. It's best to have this branching occur above head height. But, be aware that large, branching trees are very difficult to transport because limbs can snap off easily. Their height is 18 inches, super full and thriving. Never let them go dry or you'll have to slower resurrect the plant. This fern can actually grow and survive on tree branches if humidity is high enough. The spread of the crown of leaves is usually 8 to 10 feet.

Over time the gray colored clumps get wider and longer.

If you want to grow it in your garden, you just throw it over something and let it hang in the air. Water it from time to time and occasionally spray it with a liquid fertilizer. Often all you see when you look up in the rainforest, all you see is a large clump of leaves with their brown shields. Also, mail order is a piece of cake.ticks of Fire is a type of Euphorbia that doesn't get too tall but can make a large bush.

Secondly, the flowers are a very impressive purple color. Note: After publishing this site, a reader thought perhaps this is a different species of plant. If you note this soon enough, just water it and it bounces back by morning.

For this reason I call it a "water indicator plant" for the garden.

These are not flowering plants but rather green, understory companion type plants. I'd anticipate none will take direct hot and full sun. If you're looking for something different to add to the garden, these might fit the bill. In most areas they like sun, are very cold hardy and reliable.

Do give them adequate room as they grow over time.s called the Screw Pine but is not a pine at all. It gets it's name by the arrangement of leaves which come off the trunk in spiraling fashion, always the same direction.

For forty years we've primarily been growing palms and cycads. The two other forms are just as easy to grow but the blossoms are a bit different. It's easy color for the garden without getting too big. Shown here are three different varieties including one that has dark leaves and orange blossoms. Cutting back lanky stems is essentially to keep them shaped and flowering stems tend to go bad. There are multiple cultivars with different colors. We're investigated propagation and hopefully will offer small plant soon. They are not tolerant of severe cold and essentially want little water when it is cold. This interesting tree is commonly sought after by people who want something different in their garden. The trunk and limbs are thick and "sausage appearing". BTW, rarely we'll get in other species of These plants are totally different than the Dragon Tree. It's never very tall and would make a good ground cover that's different. Maidenhair ferns are very pretty and ten to be small plants. It's a very low profile fern with small, long triangular shaped leaves and fur covered "feet" (rhizomes) that crawl along. When watering, it's ok to water the trunk but avoid spraying the crown as this may promote diseases.

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