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I’d just started performing and was under exclusive contract with a single studio – a situation much more like being a direct employee than an independent ­contractor – and had no experience with agencies or booking my own freelance gigs to check this figure against.Her rate seemed plausible, though – ­being penetrated by two male-bodied people at the same time, one in the anus and one in the vagina, certainly seemed to carry a higher risk of mechanical trauma.

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Not to mention the repetitive strain injuries that accumulate over the course of a career from having sex for extended periods of time in positions that avoid blocking the light and camera.

In freelance writing – the only other profession I’m familiar with – the physical stakes are much lower but the expected number of rounds of editing and the now assumed work of driving traffic to a piece once published need to be factored in, as does any beneficial prestige of having written for a certain publication.

Even with testing and/or barrier protection, there is still a small, managed risk of blood-borne pathogen transmission and a larger risk of chlamydia and gonorrhoea – which, if acquired, are easy to treat but still mean costly regimens of antibiotics as well as missed bookings.

There is also that risk of mechanical injuries, which, though rare, may require hospitalisation and, again, mean a performer can’t work for some amount of time.

Every job has its own scale of standard rates and its own complex system of extra bits of cost, risk and value which must be ­navigated.

To me, the most glaringly obvious way of arming workers to attain appropriate pay is to drag all of these numbers and factors out into the sunshine and discuss them openly.

In this case, the lack of transparency around rates and my belief in an outrageous lie worked in my favour.

And, as one of the rare occasions in which a performer got the much better end of a deal, it makes for a cackle-inducing story when I’m with my peers.

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The first thing that came to mind was the chest burster scene from Alien. She's relatively new to the adult industry and I'm pretty sure she failed pornstar school, especially the class in which soon-to-be whores learn about the importance of using enemas prior to doing anal shoots. While we're on the subject, I'm in preproduction on a post-apocalyptic thriller about punk rock necrophiliacs. This woman has a rare condition known as Gigantomastia.

Only one was booked through an agency and the fee for booking through their agent was an additional 0 after their rate.


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